Hi. My name is Belle. And I need to apologize, on behalf of all us chanches.

You’re probably confused, concerned, and REALLY creeped out. You’re probably thinking to yourself “who the blazes are these weird people who are internet stalking me.” And that’s ok. We get that a lot.

I just wanted to allay you. You are in no danger. We are not going to sneak in through your bedroom window while you sleep and make a sweater out of your hair. Even though that would be awesome.  We know that is wrong, and are trying to restrain ourselves. We will make do with hiding in the bushes outside your school.

Ok, I am totally joking. As the Thomas Jefferson of this paper, I took some artistic liberty and put all that crap in.

My friends and I just really enjoy your blog. Shannon, the author of Chanche Catalog, discovered your blog one day and recognized its relevance to our lives, and overall awesomeness. She showed the rest of us, and we all agreed. Your writings reveal you to be someone that we all feel we could get along with. As theatre nerds and pessimistic geeks, we identified with your writings, and I guess we’ve become attached to them.

As attempting bloggers ourselves, we know that the best posts are the result of writing about what you know. And we know that your writings are relevant to our lives. Recently, we’ve been finding the inspiration for our writings in your posts. That’s what all the ping-backing is about.  And all the commenting.

We realize that we’ve been a little creepy, and are sorry. We just really enjoy your writings, and feel, at least I feel, that you would enjoy our posts since we’re so similar. We have no intention of creeping you out. We won’t do anything stalkerish. We know this is wrong. And we don’t have the resources to find out where you live. Darn.

We wish you the best, and hope that you weren’t too scarred from this experience.

The Chanches

Belle isabrown7.wordpress.com

Shannon chanchecatalog.wordpress.com

Karin karingirl.wordpress.com

Freddy amfreed21.wordpress.com

Blogless Emma


About isabrown7

attempting to blog, lets see what happens. follow me on twitter at @isabrown7

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  1. 1.) If we wanted a sweater that bad, and we were already at her house, why wouldn’t we just take her sweater? I mean… you’re cold when you’re cold.

    2.) If you’re Thomas Jefferson, can I be John Adams? He’s the less hypocritical, equally philosophical one with the sassy/endearing spouse.

    3.) We seriously aren’t creepy by nature. We just get really excited about things and we have no self-control.

    4.) We all go to school together. So we know each other irl. In case you’re wondering. We eat luch together and other such whatnot.

    5.) Karin was the most worried that this would creep you (Katie) out. The rest of us were only 50% worried.

    6.) I’m done with my list.

    7.) Mrs Simmers in talking about chastity. No, seriously. I don’t need this talk. Please stop.

    8.) Belle & Karin- Gmail chat, keh?

  2. Karin Elaine says:

    I am so sorry I ruined that, you guys. I hope you don’t hate me, I just can’t control myself, and Belle, I hope your butt is okay.

  3. Me “what happened to Belle’s butt?”
    Karin “I was laughing about crepes and then my entire body has a spasm, and my leg flew up and it kicked her in the butt”
    Me “oh”

  4. isabrown7 says:

    guys we’re trying NOT to scare her away

  5. You guys aren’t realizing this is having the total opposite effect that you’re thinking it’s having, don’t worry. You guys aren’t creeping me out at all, I’m kind of looking at it as “Wow these people seem like some of the coolest and funniest people on the planet and it’s awesome that they’re loving my blog.” Also I want to thank you for this post because it seriously made me laugh like crazy, along with the comments (you crazy cats) and I have been feeling like crap all day until I read it (I had a three hour play rehearsal and I have a really minor part so I just sat on the stage most of the rehearsal and wished I were doing something productive, i.e: my homework) so thanks. I’m officially following this blog. 🙂

  6. Also, you probably wouldn’t even want to make a sweater out of my hair, I have horrible hair, especially when I’m sleeping. In addition and in conclusion, I think you should be my best friends (lol I’m just messing, but you guys seem awesome)

  7. isabrown7 says:

    NOOO! i would totally be your best friend. So would the other girls. And also, all i did today in my three hour musical rehearsal was sit in the audience while EVERYONE else in the cast was blocking. So i know exactly how you feel. Are you sure i dont have multiple personality disorder and youre another of my persons?

    • Three-hour rehearsals where I do nothing have been BY FAR my favorite part of highschool. In fact, I can’t imagine finding anything more enjoyable except for three-hour rehearsals in which I do things. I guess I’m a minority? Or are things just that much better when you can’t have them?

      • I think you’re insane! I mean, if you’re sitting in the audience and you can do your homework so that you don’t have mountains of it to do when you get home, then sure. But I had to be on stage, paying attention to the scene and the script ‘reacting’ and also doing really lame dance moves which were only made more lame by my lack of coordination. If I was not on stage, I would have had much more fun with it 😉

      • I sit in the audience and don’t do homework. I stare in awe at those more talented than me. It’s great! Almost as good as being on stage doing nothing, which is almost as good as being on stage doing things.Totally worth staying up into the wee hours of the night doing homework. And gurl, you’re doing GODSPELL?? The things I wouldn’t have given to be in Godspell. Namely, nothing. Maybe my family and close friends. The music is sooooo goooood.

  8. Karin Elaine says:

    AHHH you responded! I’m ecstatic! I love this! I wanna be your best friend too! Penpals!!! You do seem exactly like Belle, and I love Belle, so this works.

  9. […] see, these people have individual blogs as well (most of them, anyway) and they all rock. This is the post that really grabbed my attention. It’s pretty awesome, even though it’s not posted on the whole group’s collective […]

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