There are times when I just get SUPER philosophical. Like “are we who we think we are, is this all real, or do we just think its real” type crap. Then I get scared by the things I am thinking and try to think about something else. Other times, I don’t get quite so intense in my pondering, and I’m able to come away from my experience with a changed perception and stronger values.

Recently, I’ve been noticing just how freaking big the world is. And how many people there are. This is probably because of social media. Through twitter, facebook and blogging, I have access to the thoughts and opinions of thousands of high schoolers, kids my age. And a lot of the people whose thoughts I’m reading about think just like me. There are a lot of people who are just like me. And that is AWESOME.

Being able to read of other girls who love theatre, music, and broadway is outstanding. It makes me feel connected to people of areas all over the world. Reading their thoughts is like reading my own. Through different fandoms, I’ve been able to meet people I didn’t even know existed. Who are just like me. I have been able to have conversations with kids in Boston, LA, London and Dublin. And, despite the distance that separates us, we still have so much in common and so much to talk about.

There are times when I feel so alone. But knowing there is someone else in this world who is just like me makes me feel connected. Understood. Yes, my friends have many similar values and dreams, but none of them are exactly like me. They don’t obsess over the things I obsess over. And I’m embarrassed with myself for obsessing until I meet someone who feels the same way.

There was a twitter account that I used to follow. I had never met this girl, and yet I felt so comfortable having twitter-feed-conversations with her, because she loved all the same things I love. There’s a blog my friends recently discovered and have been ping-backing. After reading, like, three of her posts, I know that we care about the same things. We even have very similar, sarcastic personalities. And even though ive never seen her face and never will, I know that there is someone who shares in my little quirks. How AWESOME is that?!?

So yeah, this world is big. But, when I think of how big it is, I feel even more connected to it. There are so many people out there, so many people who are just like me. And we’ll probably never meet, but it’s nice to know that I’m not the only person who watches Jesse just to see Joey Richter. And it’s nice to know that someday, a kid somewhere might actually read this and understand that reference.


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