This week, I had the unfortunate experience of riding the bus. Terrifying, I know. Especially considering the stereotypical rider is under the age of 14. However, I was able to entertain myself by eavesdropping on the intellectually stimulating  conversation of some elementary students. #spy. I have listed my favorite quotes below, most of which are revolve around the subject of prank calling. It must have been my shock that kids half my age have cellular devices that led me to including them in this list. There are, however, some other, miscellaneous little quotations mixed in. Enjoy.

“Demi lovato’s hair was brown last time I checked. But don’t trust me, I’m color blind.”


“11 more nights until we get to watch Santa burn his butt off by the fire place.”


“Prank calling time!”


“Ello mate. YOU SUCK! Booyeah!”


“I’m not going to prank call my mom or dad. That’s just mean!”


“I would prank call Justin Bieber but NOOOOO!”


“Wait, Elizabeth doesn’t have a phone? What?”

“She’s only 12.”

“You’re only 8!”



“Should I prank call the police?”

“No! Prank call the president!”


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