Throughout history, there have always been minorities trying to claim their rights. Jews, Catholics, women, African Americans, Hispanics … each has at one time or another felt oppressed, and proceeded to fight against those oppressing them. It seems as if there is always a new minority that the American people need to accept. At this time in the country, that minority is the homosexual individual. Currently, homosexual couples are being denied some of the opportunities that heterosexual couples have. Although it would be a change in tradition and would dramatically alter a child’s home environment, allowing all Americans the opportunity to be legally married to whomever they wish is more appropriate in this current time period.

Some American’s believe that marriage should remain between a man and a woman, with a goal of procreation. Without a man and a woman, the original purpose for marriage would be completely disregarded. Allowing homosexual marriages would be completely ignoring the traditional definition of marriage. And what is this country if there is no tradition? These Americans believe that maintaining the same laws and principals are imperative to this country’s well being. They do not wish to “rock the boat.”They believe the current definition of marriage has no major flaws, so it does not need to be changed.

Some Americans would argue that a household with a homosexual couple would not be suitable for children. They state that allowing such marriages would deny children a maternal or paternal figure. Thus, it would not be in the future generation’s best interest to allow marriage equality. Denying a child a father or mother would be denying a child of the one of the most important role models they could ever have. So, keeping in mind the child’s best interests, some people argue that marriage equality should not be allowed.

Despite the hesitation of some American’s to allow marriage equality, there are also some very strong reasons to allow it. It cannot be denied that homosexual marriages make some Americans uncomfortable. This is understandable. It is often hard to accept a dramatic change, and allowing marriage equality can certainly be considered dramatic. However, these people would not suffer if marriage equality was allowed. These people would never be required to do anything they are uncomfortable with.  They would never be forced to deal first hand with homosexual couples. A homosexual marriage would never directly affect them. So why is the government allowing their squeamishness to keep others from doing what is their right? Why should a small group of narrow-minded, sensitive people prevent a whole minority from receiving the same rights?

Of course, homosexual individuals are allowed the opportunity to take part in a civil union, in most states. Although civil unions do not allow the same benefits as marriages do, it is still acceptable. This should provide homosexual couples the same opportunities as heterosexual couples, right? Allowing a separate but equal option for homosexual couples is acceptable, right? Yet, did not the citizens decide more than 40 years ago that anything separate cannot be equal? When African Americans were struggling, and fighting for their rights, it was decided that allowing separate, “equal” opportunities is just another form of racism. Applying this old, warn, hateful idea to today’s problems is even more offensive than it was in the 1960’s. Allowing civil unions in place of marriages is regressing back to the old, flawed ways.

One of our country’s core values is that the church will stay separate from state. This country was founded in the hopes of allowing people to believe whatever they wish to believe. Since this was such an important issue when the country first began, it should still be high on the list of priorities. This country should always be striving to allow people to celebrate their faith however they want. The best way to achieve this is by separating church and state. However, church and state are not separate. The government is stifling the beliefs of many of its citizens. As of right now, the government is dictating its citizen’s beliefs! If the government is restricting the citizens’ right to freedom of religion and getting away with it, what is next?

Many Americans tend to argue that allowing homosexual marriages will deny children the opportunity to have a father or mother. This is a serious issue, considering that some of the most influential people in a child’s life are his or her parents. And yet, raising a child in a homosexual atmosphere does not automatically deny the child a maternal or paternal figure. Aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandparents, and teachers all have the ability to be strong, positive influences in a child’s life. A good relationship with any of these people can have the very same benefits as a relationship with a mother or father. So, although some Americans’ concerns about denying a child a strong parental unit are understandable and reasonable, they are unnecessary. And, not only will a child receive the same benefits with homosexual parents as he or she would with heterosexual parents, there are blessings a child can only receive in a homosexual household. If a child is raised by homosexual parents, the child is more likely to be accepting of all minorities. Racism, sexism, and prejudices are still very pressing issues, even in today’s modern society. If a child is grows up learning about all the different types of families and people there are, this child will be less likely to judge something just because it is unfamiliar. The child would be learning early on to be accepting, which is something that should be encouraged.

This country has always tried to allow everyone their natural rights. These are the rights we are born with, and deserve. The United Nations defines the right to a legal marriage as fundamental. A legal marriage creates a kinship between two people, and allows them the same benefits as family members. Through a legal marriage, one is allowed different tax and legal privileges, such as being able to see one’s spouse in the hospital and controlling the other’s affairs. Every person deserves to these rights. No matter the type of couple, every partner deserves the right to call their loved one their next of kin. By not allowing homosexual couples to get married, they are being denied a right they were born with. This makes the United States no better than the very government it was trying to escape during the Revolutionary War era. If this country cannot keep its list of values the same throughout the years, it can only be described as a hypocrite!

It is obvious that allowing marriage equality is the best thing to do. Marriage equality makes many people uncomfortable. They are not quite used to the idea of a couple of the same sex receiving the same legal rights as a couple of different sexes. Also, the wellbeing of a child in the care of a homosexual couple can be questioned. However, it cannot be denied that this is the right thing to do. Those who disagree with marriage equality would not be forced to do something they are against. It has been determined that by replacing marriages as civil unions, this country is reverting back to its flawed ways by using “separate but equal” as an excuse. Unless marriage equality is allowed, the government would be completely ignoring its constitutional promise to keep church and state separate. Not only would children be able to receive the same benefits through homosexual parents as they would heterosexual parents, but they would be able to receive completely new benefits as well. Also, marriage is a fundamental right which no one should be denied. After observing all the facts, it’s apparent the only way to move forward is to allow marriage equality.


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