Mine is better.

Winnie the Pooh- my family is a Disney family. I’ve been to Disney world multiple times, have all the movies memorized, and was even named after a Disney princess… and yet, I’m not a fan. A British bear that lives in a romanticized version of the 100 acre wood obsessing over a little boy and honey. Sounds like a bad episode of Law and Order: SVU.I will always have a soft spot for the movie, but the book… no me gusta. 4/10

The Little Mermaid- I read this when I was 9, and it certainly was a wake up call. YOU DO NOT ALWAYS GET THE GUY! Even though this book will break the heart of every little girl that reads it, it is necessary. Reading it as a teenager, it is a refreshing change from the norm. After reading so many love stories, it’s strangely uplifting to read a story about a girl who obsesses over a boy and does not have a happy ending. 7/10

The Original Nancy Drew Series- Classic. It had everything. Mystery, romance, danger, ghosts, creaking staircases, EVERYTHING! It introduced me to everything good in a book. Although it wasn’t written perfectly, it was appropriate for my young age. Awesome. 8/10

The Secret Garden- I don’t actually remember if I read this all the way through. I remember I saw the movie, because it had Professor McGonagall in it… I think. Anyways, as you can see this didn’t leave that much of an impression on my mind, which means it wasn’t that good. 3/10

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland- A very amusing story, but not perfect. It occasionally got a little too weird for me. Like a baby turning into a pig. I never got over that… 7/10

Through the Looking Glass- I was disappointed with this book. It did not meet the standard that its prequel had set. Maybe it was just the fact that it lacked a great tea party scene with a Mad Hatter, but I was not pleased. 4/10

Where the Red Fern Grows- I probably like this book a little too much, actually. Of course, I love dogs, so obviously this book is going to hit close to home. I don’t actually remember if it was writen well, but when I think back to it, I remember the emotional roller coaster this book took me on. I was shocked by the death (and also felt grown up because I was reading a violent book), fell in love with the doggies, and I actually cried at the end. So well done. This book was able to majorly manipulate my 10 year old emotions. It did its job well.  9/10

Fahrenheit 451- I was able to appreciate this book because I’m a #rebel. Conspiring against an oppressing government even though it almost guarantees a short life? Yes please. And yet, even though this book sounded interesting, I was bored while reading it.  It became a chore. Interesting topic, but poorly presented. 5/10

Romeo and Juliet- Ew. No. Romeo was a womanizer. Juliet was stubborn. The priest was a jerk. The parents were selfish. The whole idea was ridiculous. Like, really? You’ve known each other for 3 days. Juliet, darling, you are only 13. You will get over the guy you’ve only known for three days. Besides, aren’t you too young to be making out passionately on your deck? However, Mercutio’s sarcasm and bad boy attitude made the book bearable. The same can be said for Benvolio’s sweet, reasonable nature. One point for Mercutio, one for Benvolio, one for the beautiful language. 3/10

Great Expectations- And yet, my expectations were not met. I was slightly disappointed with this book. Although the story was interesting and the characters captivating, this book was simply too long. The story was way drawn out. I might have skipped somewhere between 5 to 8 chapters in the middle, and yet didn’t miss a thing plot wise. Plus, Estella was a brat. 5/10

The Odyssey- I actually enjoyed this. The story was one I could take pleasure in. Adventure, monsters, magic… whats not to like?  Although the language was a bit hard for me to understand, it challenged me. Over all, a good read. I did not, however, enjoy carrying my gigantic literature book home every night. I’m too lazy for that. 6/10

The Lord of the Flies- This was pretty good. I read all of it. I enjoyed it. Not bad. Yeah. 7/10

Julius Caesar- I’m not sure if Shakespeare is for me. It wasn’t terrible like the R and J, it wasn’t really terrible at all. It just didn’t float my boat. I didn’t have a problem reading it, but you will never over hear me gushing about how Julius Caesar changed my life. 6/10

Their Eyes Were Watching God- I wasn’t displeased with this book, but there were certainly things I wasn’t ecstatic about. The protagonist kind of annoyed me. What’s the opposite of a womanizer? A manizer? Ok, she was a manizer. And a cougar. But that’s not what bothered me about her. She was kind of arrogant. And spoiled. She just wasn’t my cup of tea. Also, there was very little dialog, so it was kind of boring. 6/10

A Separate Peace- This book was dece. I definitely liked the plot. And the characters were very realistic. The protagonist is certainly not perfect. He feels intense envy, anger, and a need to be accepted. These are all the emotions that teenagers are feeling, but are too embarrassed to admit. It’s impossible to dislike this incredibly flawed character, because he is so relatable. The other main character represents everything that is good about people. It was also the perfect level of reading. Challenging, but not too difficult. Well done. 8/10

Les Miserables- Love! Love love love love. <3. And it’s not just because of the musical. In fact, I don’t think I would have liked the musical if it wasn’t for this book. The musical only enhanced the book for me. There was loyalty, humor, suicides, a love triangle, deceit, a battle, and absolutely amazing characters. Jean Valjean, the protagonist, is my favorite literary character ever. The only drawback was that occasionally Victor Hugo would go on long rants that wouldn’t hold my attention any longer than 2 paragraphs. But most of his rants were interesting all the way through. Amazing. 9.8/10 (did anyone get my starkid reference? No? awwww, darn.)

The Scarlet Letter- Overall, enjoyable. I totally shipped Dimmesdale and Hester right from the beginning. I shipped them so hard. And, yes, I do like Dimmesdale. #TeamDimmesdale. Ok, but seriously, I thought this was a good book. A challenging read with interesting themes. However, Nathanial Hawthorne’s rants were not any near as amusing as Hugo’s. And the Custom house essay was just torture to read. Like, really? 6/10

Huck Finn-This book was good at keeping my attention all the way through. I really didn’t mind reading it. And Jim is amazing. 7/10

The Great Gastby- Oh god I loved this book. And I love Gatsby. I actually love Jay. The writing was beautiful, the characters were so realistic. Their faults made them so enjoyable to read about, because it wasn’t just another storybook-happy-ending tale. And it took place in the 20’s. The 20’s. This is the first book I’ve read that might compete with Les Mis. 9/10


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  1. Chanche, please. A Separate Peace= 10/10.

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