OMG I love this song

Holy crap his voice is amazing. Actually fantastic. It’s so unique, so broadway-ee

I want to meet him. I feel like we would really get along. Really I just want his autograph. FANGIRL!

*Starts singing along*

Shoot, people are staring. I should probably stop. Its probs for the best, my wailing was drowning out their perfect voices

OMG HARMONY!!!!!! This harm harm is INCREDIBLE!

How do their voices blend!?! They each have mad vibrato, and yet they sound beautiful together

How in the world can she hit that note in her chest voice? Soprano

HAHAHAHAHAHA. HA. ha, that line was funny

This would be soooo much fun to do, we should do this for our school musical! Wait, there is no way we would be allowed to do this. How come all the best musicals go against the Catholic churches teachings? Darn

I should probably memorize it, get it on my repertoire

Nevermind, I never want to attempt to hit that note

How come the lead in a musical is never an alto? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THE LEAD IF SHE’S NEVER AN ALTO?!?

This is my favorite verse!

*starts to sing along*

Woah, did my voice just crack? That’s awkward

*Resumes singing along*

Ok, ya, no way I can sing this

*Begins to lip sync*

These lyrics are incredible. Whoever wrote these is my new best friend

Ok, best part BEST PART!!!!!!

*sits silently as mind is blown by intense crescendo*

*is overwhelmed by the music, belts the last few notes*

Ok, I need to be in a musical before I die. Chicago, here I come


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attempting to blog, lets see what happens. follow me on twitter at @isabrown7

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