Once upon a time, there were two chanches. One was a preppy blond, the other one was a freak. As they were walking along in the beautiful country of the United States of Chanches, they happened upon a midget. The midget befriended the chanches, and spent so much time with them that she herself eventually transformed into a beautiful, slightly awkward, midget chanche. The midget chanche had another friend, a slightly less of a midget starkid. the midget chanche encouraged the starkid to join the League of Chanches. and so she did. The league of chanches grew and grew, and more and more chanches were formed. The chanches grew very close to each other, literally and figuratively, and had a lot of fun together. They spent their chanchy time pounding and replacing words with chanche, examples: enchancheted, Chanche Valchanche, and Chanchey Chanchey Bang Bang. Some other groups think the chanches are weird. Like, really really weird. In fact most other cliques find them weird. That’s ok. I’m pretty sure those other “cooler” groups don’t laugh as hard as the chanches at the lunch table.


About isabrown7

attempting to blog, lets see what happens. follow me on twitter at @isabrown7

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  1. The Scarlet Chanche, Great Chanchespectations, A Separate Chanche, The Great Chanchesby, Beauty and the Chanche, Tichanchetic, Chancherella (on ice), Wizards of Waverly Chanche, Chanche Farm, The Curious Chanche, Inspecting Chanche, Fiddler on the Chanche, Sweeny Chanche, Chancheing in the Rain, Chanchadoon, Chanchespell, Jesus Christ SuperChanche, Olenchanchey Boulevard, E. North Chancheway, Chancheton, Chancheland and Chancharctica

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  2. […] A Breif History Of Chanchery, or The Perks of Being a Chanche […]

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