When you hear the word, what do you think?

Grandpa sweaters. Indie pop. Suspenders. Thick black glasses. A music snob. Vegan. Mumford and Sons. Drugs. Skinny jeans. Coffee. Muffins. An air of superiority. Cats. Lots of cats.

But I have a theory.

The people who follow the code above, the people who call themselves “ hipsters “


Shocking, I know. So, what makes me say this?

Well, a hipster is really someone who is trying to stay away from the trends. They are trying to be themselves, not a label. Sure, they might like some of the things listed above, but not because that’s what defines “A Hipster”. They like these things because it makes them happy. A hipster doesn’t chop off all their hair because it’s hipster. They do it because they think it will look good. A hipster doesn’t listen to music because it’s hipster. They do it because the music is enjoyable. Hipsters do what they want. They don’t follow the trends. In fact, they set the trends. They want to be themselves, and don’t want to be called a stereotype. They will never call themselves a hipster, because “hipster” is a label.

So who are the people who claim to be hipsters, who follow the code above like it’s a law?

They are simply followers. Conformers. They are doing what others do because it seems cool. Being a hipster is cool. These people are following the trends set by the true hipsters. They see someone wearing a bandana tied on top of the head, and do the exact same thing. Their style, taste, thoughts even, are not their own. This is ok. It’s Ok to be a follower. It’s just not hipster.

So, how do you know if someone’s a hipster or not? Simple, just ask them. It’s a trick question.


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  1. underthejewfro says:

    Hipsters are just really preppy emo kids, right?

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