I think everyone agrees with me, finals are not a nice thing. I find them almost as painful as stepping on a lego. Maybe other students aren’t as perturbed by them as I am, but I’m pretty sure that no one would voluntarily take a final. And since I’m currently in the midst of mentally preparing myself for my French and English final that might possibly make me cry, I thought listing some different situations one might experience when preparing for finals might help me chill.

1)      In this situation, the person preparing is what we might consider the “perfect student.” This is the person always does their homework, always is willing to correct you in the middle of class when you’re wrong. Even if you’re the teacher. We can always count on this person to shoot their hand up in the air before the teacher is done asking the question. It’s like they’re auditioning for the role of Hermione Granger.  This person will begin studying, like, a week before the test. They will go in for extra help, do all of their homework twice, and still manage to stay groomed and go to bed by 8:30. They will give up what little social life they have. And they, of course, will get 110% on everyone one of their finals.

2)      Another way students prepare for a final is by just not studying. They spend all their free time convincing other students, and themselves, that they just don’t care. They will do anything but study. Even if they’re bored in studyhall, their computers dead, and they ran out of extra paper to doodle on, they will calculate the lowest possible grade they can get on the final and still pass the class before they study.

3)      A common way those naturally smart but easygoing people prepare is by studying in every class before they take the final. They will tune out algorithms to study taxing laws. They will tune out elements to study algorithms. This person basically teaches themselves all the material the day of the test. And still manage to get a better grade than us. How do they do it? They manage to have a rockin social life, amazing grades, and only get off one or two points for participation. They’re freaking magicians.

4)      There is a form of studying that is a mixture of the first three. I call it the I-try-to-be-a-good-student-and-do-a lot-of-studying-so-I-take-all-my-books-home-for-a-week-but-never-study-until-10-oclock-the-night-before-the-test-and-then-get-too-tired-and-only-study-for-20-minutes-and-then-act-like-I-don’t-care-but-study-in-every-class-before-my-final. This last situation is a rare one. The only person I know who uses this method to study is me.



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  1. amfreed21@gmail.com says:

    #4 is offically the chanche method because the only people who do that and get way with it is the three of us…

  2. 5) This is the type of student that is a mix of 1) and 4). Where they try really hard to be that perfect student and carve time out of each day to study, but end up always getting distracted. Because they can’t ignore their social life. Example: They chose to study at a coffee shop where they know everyone…talk about idiotic. Resulting in their study time becoming hang out time. This is how the hopeful-do-good-student turns into the cram-studying-in-the-night-before-student…and that’s the type I fit into. :/

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