So, sometimes, during especially boring classes, I will begin to play games on my computer. Of course,  I could get in trouble for doing so. I do it anyway. #rebel. A few minutes ago, as I pulled up the page to play pacman, the mute button decided to be dumb and make aware to everyone my rebel-ness by broadcasting to the entire classroom the irritating arcade noises of pacman. Everyone looked at me, and the snotty jocks behind me made several snide comments. My whole face is still cherry red from the embarrassment I felt.  I’m hoping that this little list will help me not be as embarrassed so my blush will go away.

A list of things a recently-embarrassed-girl hates that she usually finds only slightly irritating.

-teenage boys

-a defectives mute button

-arcade game noises

-teenage boys





-financial lit class





-teenage boys




-when the person sitting behind you can read everything youre typing (dear teenage boys reading this: I HATE YOU!)

-teenage boys



-the weekdays

-teenage boys


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  1. anothercoolkid says:

    teenage boys aren’t ALL that bad…

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