I love Supernatural. Supernat. Super. Natural. Super super super. Natural natural natural. Super. Nat. Supernat.

I love it.

That being said, it’s a truly terrible show.

It wasn’t always a terrible show. It was actually what I would consider a fantastic show in the first two seasons. The third season was also quite amusing. It was about two brothers whose mother was killed by a demon when they were only children. Driven by his thirst for revenge, their father becomes what is called a “hunter,” and begins to hunt everything supernatural, everything us normal people believe to be made up. His sons are raised in this life, and despite some of their efforts to escape this dangerous occupation, they are constantly dragged back into the family business. The two brothers are Dean and Sam. Dean is the SUPER ATTRACTIVE, b-a, family oriented older brother who drags his brother Sam back into the life even after Sam went to college to try to escape his fate. The brothers spend their days traveling the country in a fantastic apollo, killing bad thing, avoiding the law, and tracking down their dad who has mysteriously disappeared. The weirdest thing about the show, the only thing that might have made people question the awesomeness of the show was the fact that Sam was psychic. I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with this little fact. It totally took away from the fact that these boys were supposed to be two normal brothers who hunted down freaks because of their amazing character, not because of some weird superpower. Yes, I know that Sam’s psychic-ness had a big part to do with the plot, and I’ll admit the things that happened because of Sam’s freakiness were quite amusing, but I still kinda wish that the same events could have taken place without Sam’s abilities.

However, Sam’s powers are nothing compared to the weird freaky crap that’s going on currently. I would take his simple ability to have visions of the future over the rather annoying, totally unrealistic, dumb, fantastical crap that began the 4th season and marked the downfall of Supernat.

Beginning the fourth season of Supernat, angels were being weaved in and out of the story line. Angels. ANGELS! The brothers befriended an angel named Castiel, and even though Cas is one of my absolute favorite characters, AN ANGEL!?!? REALLY?!?!? And then the apocalypse started, and then they were looking for God, and then the devil needed Sam’s body and Michael the archangel needed Dean’s body, and then they were trying to get the four horsemen’s rings, and then Sam was trapped in hell, and then Dean had a girlfriend we never saw again, and then Sam didn’t have a soul, and then the apocalypse was over but now all the monsters wanted to open up purgatory, and then Cas kinda went bad and made Sam insane and became really powerful, then Cas died and all these bad things from purgatory were released into the world, then the boys were trying to kill these things, then there were prophets, then Cas was insane but alive, then Dean was in purgatory, then Dean made friends with this other thing…one dumb thing after another.

(BTW, those of you who actually read through that whole list ^, I applaud you. Even I would have just skipped over it)

The point is, it’s now a sucky show.

The best, non-stupid episode I’ve seen in a while is the one I posted about in my writing “I am not an artist.”

So, why am I still watching a show that even I admit is embarrassingly terrible?

It’s simple. I love the characters. I saw the characters grow, and I became attached. And even though the development of the characters kind of annoys me (they keep on switching views and morals, like, sometimes Dean is the sympathetic one, and then Dean wants to kill everything and Sam is the one who is sympathetic. It’s totally unrealistic. Common, keep their outlooks the same, please!) I still feel like I grew with them. It’s embarrassing how many hours I spent watching this show, but remembering all the hours I locked myself in my room with goldfish and my computer make me happy. Supernatural is keeping my summer alive. I’ve sent too many texts, pictures and videos to simply stop watching. I’ve laughed at too many stupid jokes, closed my eyes at too many scary parts, and squealed during too many gory deaths to simply forget about this show.

It’s a part of me.

And it always will be a part of me.

I will always look up an actor if I suspect they might have been in a Supernat episode. I will always rock out to Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas. I will always compare every one of my crushes to Dean. I will always want an apollo. I will always want to visit Laurence, Kansas.

No matter how stupid it gets, I will always love Supernatural.



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