If I were to vote in the upcoming election, I would have a hard time choosing who to vote for. I am only a little girl. I don’t have the answers; I don’t know what’s best for this county. I really don’t know very much about the issues, I have only seen the ads on line and on the television and quickly read through the candidates websites. I’m not sure how much I should trust this information because it is all going to be biased.

That being said, I have selected a candidate who, from my research, has values most similar to my own and who is not a total scum bag. This candidate is the Libertarian Candidate, Former Governor Gary Johnson. I have decided on Gary Johnson because of his views on abortion and marriage equality, which are the two issues that I care most about. I also agree with Gary Johnson’s view of internet usage.

I very strongly disagree with abortion. It is a dangerous thing that not only kills an innocent child, but has negative effects on the woman. I definitely believe that a child in the womb is a living human, and therefore has rights. That is why I believe that abortion is murder. However, some people do not believe that the fetus is a living being, and therefore does not deserve the same rights. Even though I believe it’s ridiculous to imagine the child as anything other than a human, who am I to tell people what to believe. I do not want people to tell me what to believe, so why should I control other’s opinions? No matter what, women are going to get abortions. They will find a way. So the way to stop abortions is not through legal matters. This will ultimately just force women to do illegal activities and put themselves at major risk. The way to stop abortion is through the community. Offering help to those pregnant, and being accepting of those who made a mistake and are pregnant.

Another issue I am very close to is that of marriage equality. I personally believe that all couples should be able to get married. Love is love, no matter what. It is not fair to limit someone because of the way GOD MADE THEM! I know others don’t believe this, and once again, who am I to say what others should believe? But, legalizing same-sex marriage will never force anyone to do something that is against their beliefs. Separation of Church and State means that the law will not interfere with the beliefs of the citizens. Keeping same sex marriage illegal is interfering with the couples who want to get married but can’t. If same-sex marriage is made legal, no person believing it is wrong will be forced to marry someone they don’t wish to! THEY WILL NOT BE FORCED TO DO SOMETHING AGAINST THEIR BELIEFS. The marriage of some gay couple does not at all affect their lives.

I agree with Johnson’s belief of the internet. It should not be taxed nor regulated. It is working just fine as it is.

These are my beliefs, and this is why I would choose Johnson. I do not think that any of the politicians truly know what the best for our country is. No one’s opinion on how to stop this downward spiral is right or wrong. I honestly don’t think it matters who’s elected. But if I were to vote, I would vote for Johnson.


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