I am not an artist. But I love art. I consider myself an “art critique and interpreter,” whatever the frick that means. I’ve never really created anything. Well, at least not anything that can be considered art. I do, however, take someone else’s art and present my interpretation of it to the world, through my voice and acting. And I give my opinion on art. I’m very opinionated.

Recently, I’ve begun to appreciate every type of art. I’ve always loved music, and I’ve always been able to admire what might be considered your “stereotypical” art (paintings). But lately, I’ve begun to see literature and films as an art form, not just a way to amuse myself. One can now see me raving about the latest film I saw, or blog I read. I’ve developed an intense love for many different kinds of art, not just the indie records I listen to. And, as any of my friends can tell you, I talk about the things I love all the time. So, recently, many of my discussions have been about how visually stimulating the filming of that last episode of __________ was, or how much I enjoyed the latest post on Thought Catolog. It can be annoying. People block me out alot. But still I rave.

Here’s an example.

Literally 15 minutes ago, I was gushing to my mother about how interesting Wednesday’s episode of Supernatural was. It began with Sam and Dean walking into a house to find two dead bodies on the floor and…

Wait, you probably have no idea what Supernatural is.

Ok, recap! Supernatural, or Supernat as I so lovingly refer to it, is a show about two brothers who hunt supernatural things like ghosts, vampires, and werewolves. Hence the name Supernatural. There’s a whole bunch of other crap going on in the show that I would LOVE to rant about, but I’ll save that for the next post.

Anywho, the two brothers, Sam and Dean, walk into a house to find blood everywhere and two dead bodies on the floor. This was a fantastic beginning because it right away hooked the audience, and by audience I mean me. What the frick happened?!? Why had these people suffered what appeared to be a bloody and painful death? Who were they? The dialog suggested that Sam and Dean were just as clueless. As they scan the room, they spot a partially closed laptop with a sticky note pinned to it that read “watch me.” They pop a squat and press play.

This is the part that I consider art.

The movie that played next was supposedly a homemade movie that three college students were working on for a school project. The movie began with the curious words “It should have never ended this way”. It then showed the students’ involvement with the creation of a werewolf that our lovely Dean and Sam were trying so hard to track down. The short movie was very reality-show like. Two or three people were usually shooting footage at the same time, so one could see the cameras in actors’ hands. All the action was being done by the cameramen, so we saw the camera shake as the characters ran in the woods. We saw people’s faces from crappy angles as they tried to film themselves. We saw a  beautiful story of three friends going through a terrifying time presented in a unique way that was a very refreshing change from the crappy story line that has been Supernat lately. We saw a piece of art. It was incredible. My mind was blown. And I’ve been using any chance I get to go on and on about it.

I’m not really sure when this radical change in my view of different art forms began. Maybe when I began to watch Breaking Bad. Oh, man, you should hear me rant about Breaking Bad. The acting is phenomenal, the camera angles are visually interesting, and the information is presented in quite a unique way. The story isn’t just laid out for you. Breaking Bad constantly keeps you, or me, thinking about what just happened, slightly confused. The show sets a very high standard. The show is a piece of art.

Or maybe it began when I started reading Thought Catolog. Thought Catolog is a sight where a new blog post is up almost every hour. And the posts are almost always entertaining. Thought Catolog is what made me want to write. I was finally reading literature that I really enjoyed, and that wasn’t just a story. These posts made me think, question, and wonder. Overall, everything posted on there is a piece of art.

Whatever jump-started my new found love for film and literature, it has radically changed my view on art. Instead of just being able to appreciate Mumford and Sons and Wicked as forms of art, I can now see the beauty in the Perks of Being a Wallflower (the book), the Artist, the Scarlet Letter, and even Twilight.

Jk, I hate Twilight.


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