I think I’m good at writing lists. In fact, I think I’m best at writing lists. It’s just so easy to write lists while being funny. So I like to write lists. So this is a list. A list of all the lists I want to write.

A list of things I want to make of list of


2) men I find attractive

3) the annoying things about politicians / an election year

4) Pros/ Cons of being in a relationship

5) why I love my friends

6) The sucky things about a “broken household” or whatever the frick that means

7) The best things about choir

8) The lies my theology teacher tells (ironic, right?)

9) Why I’m awkward /annoying

10) the worst things about high school

11) the best things about highschool (im just kidding, there are no such things)

12) brides maids at my imaginary wedding

13) Why I hate French

14) Why I friggin love Matthew Brown(my oldest brother)

15) The best musicals ever

To be realistic, I’m not going to write most of these. But this was fun.

Kay, bai !


About isabrown7

attempting to blog, lets see what happens. follow me on twitter at @isabrown7

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