Hi. Its me. I started a blog. lol. So, if youre reading this blog, you might want to know about the author. ok. sure. Here’s some stuff you should know about me.

A list about me.

-im awkward

-i like making lists

-i like lower case

-ive been writing in cursive more than usual recently

-im decently smart

-i hate to write for school

-i only sometimes like to write for my own purpose


-like alot

-i believe alot is one word

-i believe pluto is a planet

-im a music snob

-i would love to make performing musicals my profession

-i walk like a girl

-i am a girl

-i squeal alot

-chanche is a word

-the meaning is unknown

-i have vowed NEVER to judge anyone before i get to know them. i wont ever base anyone off their religion, race, gender, political point of view, weight, sexuality, popularity status, intelligence, social class, possible disabilities, or voice part. i will be youre friend if i enjoy your company. period.

-maybe i lied a little. i will judge you on your taste in music


-i go to a catholic school, wear a catholic uniform, live in a catholic family, and participate alot in my catholic parish

-the catholic church annoys me


-i have three older brothers

-i come from a friggin HUGE family. like, 50-some cousins. and 23 of them i see all the time. i basically grew up with 26 brothers and sisters, not just three

-im an anarchist

-i consider my self young, like really young, like younger than my actual age

-i dont want to grow up

-i dont want kids

– i will give chocolate to anyone who counts the amount of facts about me that are listed and comment it below.

-im obsessed with supernatural, and am in love with Dean

-i love starkid. alot. i want to meet them and be their best friends

-if you dont know what starkid is, i wont speak to you until you look it up

-seriously, youre banned from this blog

-im not planning on getting married. if it happens, whatever, but im not planning my life around someone else

-for a cynic, i laugh. alot

if youre still reading this, you are invited to be my best friend. anyways, there’s probs more facts about me, but i dont feel like typing it right now. im at school and have some homework or something annoying like that


About isabrown7

attempting to blog, lets see what happens. follow me on twitter at @isabrown7

6 responses »

  1. kathkath says:

    c’mon belle, anarchy?

    But really, I will judge you for the alot thing 🙂

  2. anothercoolkid says:


    i expect nothing less than ghirardelli

  3. Nick says:

    thirty seven facts about you. Congratulations.

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